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WIN YOUR DAD A NEW TOILET Fathers spend a lot of time on the toilet that is why it has been appropriately labelled as the THRONE. So If you find that your fathers throne is not up to the task, then let us help you out. As a fathers day promotion we would like to [...]

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The Amazing Cleveland Dam & Our Water Supply

Do you know where our drinking water comes from? Water has been called the source of life, because it is so crucial to our survival in so many ways. Our bodies are mostly composed of water, roughly 70% of our bodies is water! On average you can lose about two litres of water throughout the day, which is why we [...]

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Absolute Tips: Natural Cleaners For Ceramics & Stainless Steel

It’s Spring Time! We are seeing lots of beautiful flowers in bloom. It’s inspired us to share some fresh and simple home-made recipes for cleaning your beloved household plumbing accessories. There are many wonderful products on the market that safely clean not just your kitchen but your entire home! They may be better at completely [...]

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Absolute Tips: Getting the most out of your water

Have you ever wondered where your water is coming from? With these lovely spring showers pouring down on us, we thought it would be a great time to share a little bit about our local water supply and how to get the most out of your local water. All of Metro Vancouver water supply flows [...]

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Absolute Tips on: Clean & Clear Kitchen Drains

We all know how inconvenient it is to have a clogged sink in your kitchen. Last Easter we had several emergency calls for clogged drains in homes that had guests arriving any minute, so we wanted to share a few things you can do to prevent clogged up kitchen sink drains. Here are our top [...]

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Absolute Tips on: Unforgettable Baths

Bathtubs are one of the glamorous parts of plumbing, offering a space for peace and tranquility. When was the last time you treated yourself to a soothing bath? Here are a few tips that will help you turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis! Essential Oils They are known for having powerful healing properties that [...]

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Absolute Tips on: FAQ Edition #1 (Household Plumbing Products)

This is the first F.A.Q Edition! Today’s tips are all about plumbing products! The following questions are so common, we hear them all the time and it’s very important to provide some clarification. Let’s get started! #1 – Can I use Drano to unclog my sink or toilet? You can use Drano to unclog a [...]

By | March 16th, 2017|Residential|1 Comment

Absolute Tips on: Expansion Tanks

We see many homeowners who want to do their very best to maximize the plumbing in their home because it can be a costly system to fix if it is not well maintained. If you want to maximize the efficiency and life expectancy of your heating and cooling systems, we suggest you read on to [...]

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Absolute Tips on: Sink Materials

Sometimes plumbing and it’s related accessories provide some of the most definitive features in a home. We are continuing the discussion on sinks, but this time we are going through some of the common and most unique materials used to create them. 1) Stainless Steel Let’s kick it off with the most common material for a [...]

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Absolute Tips on: Undermount Sinks

When renovating and upgrading your home, you will have an endless amount of options. We appreciate that you want the best design for your budget, so let’s help you make the best-informed decision. Today we are sharing information on: Undermount Sinks o Modern and chic design, the sink will hand underneath the counter on a [...]

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