Absolute Plumbing Surrey BC Solutions

Surrey is the third largest and fastest growing city of beautiful British Columbia. With the second largest population after the city of Vancouver, Surrey is rich in diverse residential communities. Some of the most beautiful parks and beaches are nestled within the city Surrey, making it a beautiful place to call home. We are absolutely proud to be number one choice for our communities throughout Surrey.

Absolute Plumbing Solutions is proud to serve each of the six town centres of Surrey such as Guilford, Fleetwood, Newton, Whalley, Cloverdale, and South Surrey.

In the large city of Surrey, you need a plumber you can trust. We’re here to provide unparallelled service to every home in every neighbourhood of Surrey. We’re experts in the area and understand the common plumbing needs of multi-family homes.

There are many features that make Surrey a unique city with unique plumbing needs, rest assured we’ve taken the time to get to know them and deliver the best solutions.

Surrey is growing and there are many new developments scattered throughout the city that need attention. With our background in residential development we know all the popular developers and understand common issues found in new high-rise and low-rise buildings.

Many newer developments were built with basic low quality plumbing parts that are not designed to last more than a few years. Some of the most common concerns we’ve seen are clogging toilets, backed up drains, leaking dishwashers, and faulty bathroom or kitchen fixtures.

Absolute Plumbing Solutions has helped hundreds of homes in Surrey upgrade their plumbing fixtures to ensure optimal function and safety. We use only durable, top quality parts for each home to ensure our craftsmanship keeps working long after we visit. All of our fixtures are carefully selected to meet our standards for quality, functionality, and longevity.

If you’re living in a newly constructed building in Surrey, we highly recommend for you to take advantage of our complimentary home inspections.

From upgrading faucets to replacing boilers, we will improve your home on time and on budget. We’re just around the corner and available to serve all of Surrey for all plumbing and heating emergencies.

How can we take care of you today?

The difference is always in the details, and Absolute Plumbing Solutions is dedicated to taking care of every detail for you. Our quality work continues far beyond the initial visit to your home, we are here to stay and take care of all your needs.

Annual maintenance will help save on costly repairs and failures to your plumbing and heating system. Here at Absolute we care about you and your home and want to offer you different options on how you can take care of your system on a regular basis.  We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Delta, White Rock and Surrey.

Home Safety Inspection

Having your system inspected on an annual basis is recommend to make sure there are no signs of wear and tear or any signs of leaks and failure. Our home safety inspection is a thorough visual check up of your entire plumbing and heating system.

We inspect every visible pipe in the home as well as every shutoff valve to make sure that they do not drip and that they actually shut off 100%. Most people do not realize the importance of a properly functioning shutoff valve until it’s too late. If you ever need to shut down the water, your valve needs to be secure to prevent water damage to your home.

We inspect every toilet, faucet, and fixture to make sure that they operate to their full potential; any issues that are discovered will be brought to your attention.

Safety devices like smoke detectors, pressure reducing valves, water hammer arresters will all be inspected to make sure that they are working properly.

Your heating system, whether it is a furnace or boiler, will be given a thorough safety inspection to make sure that it is operating safely and efficiently, to heat your home comfortably.

If we come across any issues with your system we would be more than happy to go over all the options available to rectify the issue.

Heating Safety Start Up

Checking your system in the fall right before heating season kicks into full swing will help you avoid having your system break down unexpectedly. By completing a complete analysis of your heating system we can determine if any parts are wearing down, need adjustment or replacing.

Furnaces: We will check gas pressures, fan speeds, thermostats, safeties, and other control components to make sure they are operating for optimal performance. Furnace filters, registers and return air grills will be inspected to make sure that they are not blocked to allow full air circulation. Fresh air, combustion air, and exhaust venting will all be checked for proper sizing and code compliance.

Boilers: We will check all zones, pumps, controls, safeties, radiators, tanks, and piping for proper adjustment and operation. Water temperatures will be checked along with pressures to correspond with the design of your system.

Signing Up for Annual Maintenance

You can have one of our technicians come out once a year to checkout your system, signing up is easy and affordable. We will also give you a reminder phone call to let you know when it is time for your service. Let us know how we can take care of you.