We see many homeowners who want to do their very best to maximize the plumbing in their home because it can be a costly system to fix if it is not well maintained.

If you want to maximize the efficiency and life expectancy of your heating and cooling systems, we suggest you read on to understand the benefits of an expansion tank.

They are an simple and inexpensive way to regulate water pressure throughout your heating system, reducing the likelihood of a burst pipe or water heater tank.

Why is it important and how does it work?
When water is heated, it expands and increases the pressure. Your water heater is a closed system, which means that there is very little room in the boiler and the pipes for any extra volume. Because of this, your system will have fluctuations of pressure that put stress on the tank and pipes. The purpose of an expansion tank is to equalize the pressure in your heating system, which protects from damage caused by excess pressure. Expansion tanks will surely extend the life of your system and is one more step in protecting you from a burst pipe.

What size are they?
Expansion tanks come in a wide range of sizes to fit residential and commercial needs. Whatever your water heater capacity, there is an expansion tank to match.

What if you already have an expansion tank?
Good for you! We are happy to know you are taking extra steps to care for your home and making it as efficient as possible. We do suggest that you have it checked periodically to ensure proper function. As a friendly tip, touch your hand to the tank and feel the temperature.

If the top is warm and bottom is room temperature – this is great news, your tank is running well.

If the entire tank is warm – give us a call right away as this could indicate the tank has completely filled with hot water and needs to be checked as soon as possible.

Are you ready to have one installed?
Call us today to schedule an appointment and get you started. We guarantee each installation we do for 2 years.